The second hand watch market in South Africa is constantly growing, with a huge demand for the luxury items that often come at a fraction of the cost as to when it’s bought new. The reasoning behind this is that high end timepieces hold their value for a very long time, and since they are manufactured with classic craftsmanship, the watches never look worn or old. Added to that is the possibility of owning a vintage piece that looks and behaves differently to many of the mass produced watches on the market today, and you will understand why this practice is so popular. With a little watch buying advice for used watches, you too can have a part in the timeless classic trend.


A Few Tips

  • When considering a pre-owned watch, always ask for the original box and papers as these confirm authenticity.
  • Make sure you go through a reputable dealer to avoid being sold cheap replicas.
  • If the watch is claimed to be vintage, you should request to see the service history documents. A luxury watch will have a document for every service it has undergone. Newer watches should be serviced every six years, and vintage models every 24 months.
  • Remember to check with pawnbrokers. People often pawn watches with the intent of buying them back, but for whatever reason never do. These luxury watches can be purchased at very good prices.
  • Take some time to do research regarding the brand of watch you are interested in, and what its value is both new and pre-owned. This will help to spot chancers out to make a quick buck off an uneducated watch buyer.


By adhering to this simple list of watch buying advice for used watches, you will be able to make a purchase that could stand you in good stead for many years. Taking the time to do a little research could be the difference between you becoming the first owner of what will go on to become a family heirloom, or the owner who was unknowingly sold a replica of something that was thought to be worth a lot more.