It isn’t only diamonds, gold and jewelry that johannesburg pawn shop s love to buy. When you walk into pawn shops, you will often see Rolex watches on their displays and that is because they actually quite love buying such watches. This means that when you are tight in a budget, you can always take advantage of your Rolex watch.

What’s even better is that when you pawn Rolex watch, your watch don’t lose large portion of its original price which is due to the fact that Rolex watches are quite in demand. If you wish to sell your Rolex watch, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to find a pawnshop that do. You can easily walk into a pawnshop and get out with money on your hand.

But before doing that, it may be good to check out some pointers on how to pawn Rolex watches. With this, you can have a good chance of presenting your Rolex watch to a pawnshop broker and get the best price for your watch. So, here goes:

Make Sure Rolex Watch is Clean

Make sure to bring a clean Rolex watch to the pawnshop. This will help make your watch appear well-cared for. At the same time, this will help you communicate to the pawnshop that the watch functions still really well. This is one of the ways that your Rolex watch can probably get higher appraisal.

Put the Rolex in Original Packaging

It will help if you still have your Rolex’s original box as well as the paperwork that came with it. This will help in the legitimacy of your watch and is also important to the pawn broker in putting a good presentation of the watch to an end customer. You will likely get higher appraisal by bringing this than without,

Check if there are Missing Pieces

Before you bring your Rolex to a pawnshop, make sure first that there aren’t any pieces missing like extra links and precious stones. If there are probably missing pieces, go search for them. If you find it, put the missing pieces inside well sealed ziplock bag to bring along.

So these are some of the points that will help if you remember in pawning your Rolex watch. With these, you will have better chance of getting higher price for your precious watch. As for the actual pawning, here’s a brief procedure for you:

  • Upon listing your Rolex in a site for pawning, watch for the offers from the pawnshops in your local area.
  • When you’ve accepted the highest offer, you can proceed on bringing you clean Rolex watch and its components to which pawnshop made the highest offer.
  • There, get an appraisal from the pawnbroker as well as discuss terms for cash loan.
  • If you agree to the terms, accept.
  • With cash in hand, make sure not to forget the receipt.
  • To get your watch, come back before the payback date.

This is basically how to pawn your Rolex watch. So, are you planning on taking advantage of the loan you can get from your Rolex watch? Well get to the nearest pawnshops here at Johannesburg, South Africa right now!