Pawn shops are a great way to get money when you need a little extra to hold you over until you get paid or just to help you purchase something you may not have had money for. Pawn shops allow you to pawn a wide variety of items and in exchange you get cash for them. The pawn shop gives you a certain amount of days to repay the loan on the item, or they get to keep it and sell it to gain their money for what you were given. There are also the options of actually selling your items to the pawn shop for money as well. Most pawn shops are big on allowing people to sell their jewelry, such as watches, rings, necklaces and so forth. A few such pawn shops that you can find to sell items are pawn watches in Fourways. Likewise, they also have other locations which will allow you to do the same.



Sell watches in Johannesburg is a pawn shop that adheres by a certain set of rules to determine exactly what kind of payout you can expect. In most cases a pawn shop will only purchase jewelry that is made of either gold or platinum as they can get the most for them. Then they will weigh the jewelry and combined with what the jewelry is made of, they can determine an approximate value of those items. While you can try and assess the value of the jewelry yourself, pawn shop employees are often trained to be able to do this on their own and thus can determine the value of something.

Any jewelry including watches that you intend to pawn that may have cuts, nicks or otherwise not in top shape, you should expect to lose value in that item. Any item that isn’t in top shape will not earn you full value as you would normally get. Most pawn shops will also charge a fee and take a percentage of what you’re wanting to pawn the item for. This means that if an item is worth a hundred dollars, then they’re going to give you significantly less in attempts to make some money back for what was paid out to the person pawning the item. Any time you’re late on payments, other fee’s may be charged, and the item can be kept and resold if payments become too late or failure to pay for the pawned item in general.

In most cases it’s extremely easy to pawn and item and just as easy to get that item back once you’ve paid on it. Interest will be totaled in with the bill, and you’ll be required a valid item in order to pawn anything. This allows pawn shops to make sure they’re not selling stolen goods, or pawning an item for someone who isn’t legally allowed to have that item to begin with. For more information you’re welcome to call the pawn shops which are typically open twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

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