It is possible to acquire timeless pieces of jewellery without breaking your budget. All you need on your side is to know where to look. The best places to buy gold and jewellery are more often than not pawnbrokers. These dealers provide individuals with competitive pricing that rivals even the cheapest jewellery outlets. As long as you know what it is you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it.


How It Works

When people go to brokers to pawn watches and other valuables, they basically give those items as collateral for the short-term loan they are getting. The idea is that they make regular payments against the loan in order to essentially buy back the pawned item. Many times it is found, however, that people renege on this agreement due to whatever reason. When the loan contract becomes null, the pawnbroker is then allowed to sell the items to any customer.

The prices on these items are often lower because the broker didn’t pay that much to begin with. They can still get their desired profit margin without pushing the price up too high, and this is where the customer benefits in the end.

Gold is weighed and if the piece is dated or broken, dealers opt to melt it down. New pieces are then fashioned and then sold. Buying gold in this way will also save you a lot, because the prices tend to be lower than if the pawnbroker had to buy the gold in the traditional way.


Now that you know how it works, you can do an online search for pawnbrokers in your area. It would be a good idea to look for dealers specializing in certain items, like luxury watches or diamond jewellery if that’s what you prefer. Specialists are more than likely to have what you are looking for, and will be able to give you great deals. Take time to compare two or three different pawnbrokers in terms of range, prices, and reputation. Online customer reviews are a great way to determine whether a broker is reputable or not, and by following these simple tips you will find the best places to buy gold and jewellery in just a few minutes.